Written Therapy (Escritoterapia)

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Write what you please, what you desire, what you fear

Written therapy: another method for self-awareness

What is written therapy about?

This is a private space where the consultant and the client can meet: the author writes his diary and the therapist reads and reflects on it. Traditional therapy is not necessarily replaced; interaction through the screen serves as a path to self-knowledge. Whereas writing in itself is already therapeutic, receiving an answer to what one writes makes the process more effective still, acting as a powerful lense to one's own evolution and transformation.

Although it may be thought not to be easy to write to someone unknown, the fluency of one's own production when no one is looking can be surprising.

Why is written therapy useful?

Written therapy can liberate, clarify, bring order where there is apparent chaos, soothe wounds,  soften scars, thus enabe life to flow more freely.

How does Página en Blanco work?

Página en Blanco is used as an electronic diary, only that it is shared by the therapist. The fact that there is somebody on the other side who will read and take into account all that is said acts as a stimulus to carry on writing. The author can write at any time, making up one's own jigsaw puzzle. Página en Blanco will answer daily from Monday to Friday, as long as there is an entry by the author.

What does one write about?

The client writes as many times as he likes, as long as he likes, on the blank page given to him by the system. As this is not a literary workshop, style and grammar are not taken into account, rather one just lets go everything that comes to the mind, or to the fingers: memories, thoughts, ideas, feelings, questions, poetic inspirations and anything that may come up.

Página en Blanco's answer will come sometimes as a reflection in a mirror, sometimes as a question, sometimes adding a different viewpoint, always as a stimulus to continue with one's own reflective process.

Who can engage in written therapy?

Youngsters and adults can do written therapy. It is especially indicated for:

  • youngsters who feel different to their peers, or too shy to talk freely with others
  • adults who are too busy with their daily life and can only take a few moments at a time to stop and think
  • people in their "second half of their life" , when it is common to question one's existence in order to face the rest of one's life more freely and wisely.
  • people going through a period of acute anxiety: written therapy helps to see one's problems from a distance and clarify the reasons for one's anxiety  
  • people going through a depressive phase and feel little energy to get to an office
  • people who panic at leaving the house; through the screen they can feel the company of the therapist
  • people who cannot move easily, either because they are disabled or live far away
  • deaf people who find it easier to read and write
  • in all, for any person who enjoys written expression and seeks a deeper understanding of one's self

Can written therapy be combined with other types of therapies?

People who do written therapy may ask for face to face sessions. People who are engaging in traditional therapy may take the written material to their own sessions.

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