So many words. What for?

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Write to discover the mesh there is inside, pour it out and create your own universe
Reading Room

Why so many words?

It is true that reality is unattainable; in the very moment that we want to describe it,  it  escapes through our fingers, as does the water when we introduce our hand in it to capture our reflection on the surface.  But it is also true that words allow us to define, cut out and even perceive that which is reality.

There are other ways to capture our surroundings:  the perfume of a flower may take over our senses and lift us out of our ordinary walk to work for example;  the sound of a bird singing may call our attention to other worlds beyond the human environment;  a friend’s hug, without a word, may make us feel we are in unison with the whole universe.

That which is, out there and inside us, is perceived wholly and directly in its immediateness, but through our thoughts and felt senses we can direct, adjust and take charge of our lives, and even though it might be a clumsy and partial way of relating to the world, it is the way we as human beings have of leaving our foot-prints on the sand.

It is true that words limit, deform, analyze, turn around, label, determine that which is.

It is true that in a state of deep meditation one does not need words, as one experiences being one with all.

We pave the ground under our feet and block the horizon with sign-posts full of words and images that compete among themselves each with their own dancing lights to claim their own portion over totality, leaving the rest of infinity in darkness. 

Knowledge is the bridge we build to connect with the original source from which we emerge. Knowing ourselves we engage in the knowledge of all humanity.

So it is in love, which is none other than seeing the beloved in his alterity, at the same time as recognizing him as one. It is the feeling of dissolving into the primitive substance from where we have all come.

Written therapy is an invitation to allow words to flow, from the bottom of the collective human spirit to capture that which defines you as a person thereby knitting together your own here and now with the timeless universality of existence.


Lic. Silvia Munton - March 2012


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