Face to face Psychotherapy

Write to heal your inner wounds, write to express your inner joy

A Humanistic approach to people requiring psychotherapy.

How do we attend?

In a warm, relaxed environment, with a humanistic, existential, transpersonal approach, our intention is that the client may find balance and meaning in his life.

Reasons for seeking psychotherapy

  • People who are questioning their existence and need an active listener to accompany the evolutionary process.
  • People who are unstable, anxious, who are seeking a goal or purpose in life.
  • People who fall  constantly ill and wish to discover the mechanisms through which their body is expressing an internal need through these symptoms.
  • People who wish to deepen their understanding of their inner self, bringing harmony to their external life.
  • People who are going through a mourning process, or feel depressed, undecided, chronically tired, or experience panic attacks,  and wish to change this way of facing life.
  • In general, people who wish to change some aspect of their life and need support to overcome internal and external barriers.

How long does therapy last?

This will depend on the reason for consulting and the agreement which both therapist and patient come to as to the aim of the process. A therapy which focuses on a certain objective may be solved relatively soon, while a deeper understanding and eradication of symptoms is a continual process which will end according to needs.

Examples of therapy focused on objectives:

  • vocational guidance
  • psychological assessment
  • pre-surgery preparation
  • preparation to attain a certain target
  • overcoming trauma or adapting to a new environment  
  • improving relationships: couples, parent-child

Different techniques such as visualization, directed dreaming, dramatization, drawing, writing, may be used according to each case.


Our office is in the Northern suburbs.
Please fill in the contact form to send us a message, or give us a call at this phone: (011) 15-34675844.

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