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Graduated years ago from the University of Buenos Aires as a psychologist, Sylvia continues to study  Psychology at present  in the Transpersonal Centre in Buenos Aires directed by Virginia Gawel. Having become acquainted with the original feel e-learning system she learnt that communication through the Internet can become a warm, humane, deep, experience, which affects and stimulates a personal transformation process. She has henceforth developed written therapy as a tool for deeper understanding of oneself in the  hurried times in which we live. 

Her holistic view of man and his universe has been enriched by different schools of thought in Psychology and Philosophy, as diverse as psychoanalysis, existentialism, the systems theory, personalism, cognitive and humanistic concepts, which all have appealed to her in their own way, although they all contradicted each other in many aspects for the access to truth. She has progressively become interested in oriental philosophy incorporating meditation to her daily life. Ken Wilber would be at present the author who in her view best synthesises all these different aspects of man in his writings on Integral Psychology. 

Sylvia's working history may be summarized as follows:

Born in an anglo-argentine family in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina and educated at Northlands School, she began her post-graduate practice with Professor Martínez Romero in the existential centre Sentido, Centro de Actualización Psicológica del Encuentro y la Comunicación.

There she worked attending children and accompanying old people. In 1989 the team she belonged to presented a research paper in the II World Congress on Logotherapy  held in Kansas, USA,  based on the results of the Logotest applied to a sample of upper class students in Buenos Aires. This test was created by Elisabeth Lukas, follower of Victor Frankl, to measure "purpose in life".

Sylvia held Vocational Guidance courses for teenagers in their last years at different schools organizing group work-shops as well as individual counselling, and created her own recreational centre for children: Holiday Time.

At St. Michael's Church, Martínez, she worked in the Social Service offered to poor families, first coordinating the children's workshop, later offering psychological help to the mothers who attended the regular service program, and lastly helping the mothers to organize their own entrepreneurships with the aim of improving their economic situation. 

She worked as a psychologist at the Children's Home in Colegio Santísima de la Luz belonging to the Catholic Church in San Isidro, at the Vicente Lopez Hospital and at a private institute in Villa Devoto. She also worked with mentally handicapped children and adolescents applying computer skills at the Italian Hospital's Pediatric Mental Health Service . 

At the same time Sylvia worked at different bilingual schools as a teacher and later as assistant to the Head, where she learnt and worked on various subjects such as Education in Values, Cooperative Learning, Learning through Service, Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation, Bullying, Leadership and School Management.  She also engaged in Community Service, organized Health Talks and coordinated School Tutors. 

Very active in several sports in her youth, she was a member of the National Hockey Team, which led her to coordinate the Sports Department at St. Peter's School and learn Sports Psychology with Lic Elsa Grabin, tutor of residents of the National Centre for High Competition -CENARD.

Last but not least, Sylvia would like to thank her family and friends, to whom she has dedicated much of her energy and from whom she has obtained the motivation to continue evolving  both at a personal and professional level. 


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