Writing makes distance disappear


And though I walk through the shadows, I shall not fear

Shadows loom in the back of my mind

In my dreams

And sleepy visions,

White curtains humid with red blood

The veils of maternity and death.

An ailing shadow

Cries out from his death bed

“I am sick, I suffer, I die”.


Cherish this moment.

Joy includes pain,

Man is perfectly imperfect.

Without sorrow one cannot appreciate

Fulfilment and content.

Fulfilment is a pathless trail

Ridden by pebbles, rocks and stones.

When we break the rock into pebbles

We have built stepping stones to Heaven


A Young black lady

Helping herself too much,

Unappreciatingly, from life’s feast

Ends up throwing up, she has done at last.

While I welch up at the sight of her

Her pain and ingratitude,

I swallow and hold,

My share has deservedly meant to stay.

Do not ravish

Do not take what is not yours

Do not hold on to what no longer pertains you.

Give up, set free,

Allow the Universe to enjoy.


Be patient

Only take what is granted

In merit and strife.

But lo! Be always grateful,

Never take for granted

The precious gifts of Life.


Sylvia Munton, August 2013

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