Face to face and On-Line Psychotherapy

Basada en los conceptos de la Psicología Transpersonal

Face to face and On-Line Psychotherapy

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This site is an invitation to engage in Integral Psychotherapy  whether in a private office, or on-line, either  using Skype or through written therapy. The latter is a method which allows you to carry a diary shared with your therapist, who will write back on a daily basis.

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San Isidro 13/02/2015sent by Silvia

The Benefits of Journaling at School
Within the framework of Northlands educating Northlands workshops given on Friday 12th February in Olivos, I offered a talk on the benefits of journaling to enhance learning and personal development within the school curriculum
Teachers who encourage journaling within the curriculum will form a team for research on the subject. Gladly will we inform future results of the experience undertaken in 2015. ...